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14 days Transformational Challenge to step into the New Year as a person who fulfills their true goals
Challenge dates: 13.12 - 27.12
New Year's Eve is opening before us
In this wonderful time, how often do we make promises to ourselves to start a new life, instill new habits, and finally achieve our long-awaited goals?
In the end though, our usual situation from the past years is repeated, as we again fall into the run of everyday life, forget our New Year resolutions, and the life that we wish we had, again seems to be so far out of reach.
Let's put this vicious circle to an end! During this magical time, I invite you to join my Transformational Challenge.
We will combine the tools from mindfulness techniques, vipassana meditation, yoga and psychology. (And a little magic!)
All it's going to take from you is 20 min a day during these 14 days and a sincere desire to make a positive change in your life.
This challenge will be all about taking small steps towards your self you want to be, life you want to live and courage to fulfill your true goals.
Join the challenge and let's make the magic happen
Challenge dates: 13.12 - 27.12
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